outfile=cluster_viz.html cat <<__HTML__ > ${outfile} Non-redundant TF motif matches genome-wide

Non-redundant TF clusters (v1.0 2020-04-14)

Jeff Vierstra, Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences
E-mail: jvierstra (at) altius.org

Addtional information and genome-wide scans can be found here.

Dashed black lines demarcate the boundary of the motif archetype to which the coordinates of the the matches of individual models are shifted.

__HTML__ IFS="," tail -n +2 /home/jvierstra/proj/code/motif-clustering/tomtom/height.0.70/cluster-info.with.dbd.and.color.csv \ | while read -a fields; do echo ${fields[@]} echo "
" >> ${outfile} echo "


${fields[7]} motif models

" >> ${outfile} echo "" >> ${outfile} echo "
" >> ${outfile} done cat <<__HTML__ >> ${outfile}